Are you part of my community?

This morning I was thinking about who my community was—my tribe, if you will. As part of developing my personal brand, I wanted to clearly define who I was most passionate about helping. This is one of those exercises that everyone that is in business is supposed to do. Sometimes it’s called developing a buyer person, and sometimes it’s called creating an avatar. Whatever you call it, it’s a description you make up of the person you’re selling to.

As I started brain-dumping my ideas, I realized that I was actually describing myself. And then it hit me—I am my buyer persona. The people I’m most passionate about helping are just like me. And that’s great!

There are so many salespeople and marketers out there that have products to sell, and they’re trying to come up with some idea of who would be the best fit for that product. But that’s completely backward. I want to help people who are just like me because that’s who I understand the best. And believe me, a lot of you are just like me.

How do I know?

Here’s a list that describes me. If most of these also describe you, you’re part of my community.

  • you’re a solopreneur (or small business owner) who wants more customers
  • you’re responsible for your business
  • you work from home or might even be a digital nomad
  • you’re a little desperate looking for new ways to grow your business (or keep it afloat)
  • you keep trying new ideas but don’t stick with them because something comes along that looks even more promising
  • you feel pressured to get a “real” job
  • you’re a craftsman, not a business person
  • you don’t want to build a big business, just a solid business you can rely on
  • you don’t want employees, but contractors or outsourcing is okay
  • you would love to have systems in place that allow you to relax a little and focus on doing what you’re best at
  • you love trying new tools or software
  • you want to publish more content but don’t have enough time
  • you’d love to create passive income streams
  • you spend a lot of time reading books and blogs
  • you’re hesitant to hire a coach because of the cost
  • you don’t “get” business finance
  • you sometimes dream of starting all over again with a new business

This list describes me either as I am now or as I have been in the past. I’m guessing you can identify with most of them. If so, you’re in the right place because I’m going to address all of those things (and more) in my blog.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy fun journey of business!

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